Small Project For Hailey

I love my daughter, Hailey. She is very smart and knows what she wants. That is how this small project came about. 

On Valentine's Day, we cut out hearts and colored them. Hailey had so much fun. I love that my artistic abilities have passed down to her...even though she is 2. 

While she was coloring her hearts, she asked me to make her something to hang them up on in her room. So I went to my closet to see what picture frames I could use. I have a box full of picture frames from various yard sales...love them. 

I picked this picture frame out...

And this fabric...

And this is the end product: 

I found some leftover cardboard to use to wrap the fabric around. I made it thick enough for small pins to go through to hold up her art work. 

Simple. Easy. Free. 

The best part though was Hailey's reaction, she was so excited and happy! She even called her dad to let him know what I made her and then made sure he came to look at it right when he walked in the door. 

There are no hearts hung up on it. lol She gave them all away. It is up on her wall now waiting for her next art project. 

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