30 Day House Cleaning Challenge - Day 3

Today is day 3 of the "30 Day House Cleaning Challenge" on MoneySavingMom! Cleaning the bedroom! 

First a picture of the girls at lunch! So sweet. 

Here is the end result of the bedroom. Sorry I forgot to take a before. I did not have to dust the surfaces or clean the windows since I just did those things the other day. 

Our bed was covered with clothes that needed to be put away - so I did that. Plus I changed the quilt that was on the bed. The dressers had a few Easter items on them so I put those away...as well as ate a piece of candy. lol 

Now, there is a sweet little boy sleeping in the left corner in a pack n play. :D This was not an option last week - he was sleeping at the foot of the bed in the pack n play but we moved our computer desk into the new playroom! 

I love the extra space. So nice! 

Now, the whole house is clean. AND I am on the last load of laundry. I started that yesterday and completed about 6 loads! We have a small washer and dryer. lol 

How did you do?! 

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