Amazing Find at Big Lots!

Last night, the girls and I decided to get out of the house while dad did homework. I needed to take something back to Target and I noticed we were out of peanut butter.

We normally purchase our peanut butter from Earth Fare in the bulk section. I did not want to spend $5 on it though so I thought we would go to the Dollar Tree.

The Dollar Tree did not have any peanut butter but I was able to get 4 packs of seeds for $1! (spinach, green onions, green bell peppers and mixed colored peppers)

There is another Dollar Tree but I didn't want to drive there and find out they do not have any peanut butter either. lol

I looked around and saw that there was a Big Lots near the other side of the shopping complex. Instead of driving, I thought it would be a fun adventure to walk.

Hailey was so excited we got to walk. I carried Harper in a baby carrier which she loved. It took us about 10 minutes to walk to Big Lots.

Anyways, I have only shopped in Big Lots one other time. It was not in a good location so I would forget about it. This store was in its' new location which was great.

So thankful we stopped in too!

We first looked around to see what all they had to offer. This is always a good idea when you are at a new store.

I was looking at the food section when I noticed on the end caps they had clearance foods. At first glance, I did not really see anything we would eat. Cheese balls and some weird rolled dessert.

Then I looked up! And I found an amazing deal!

8 bags of Food Should Taste Good Jalapeno Tortilla Chips for .25 each!!!!

The best thing was there were not even expired!!!

What a deal!


- 8 bags of chips .25 each
- 1 skippy natural peanut butter 2.00

Total Spent $4.00 plus tax!

Total Saved $27.13  - I saved 93% on the chips alone!!!!


We were going to do with out chips from now until the next month but I could not pass this deal up! The chips are normally $3.50 at Earth Fare and the peanut butter is 3.13 at Walmart.

What kind of deals have you found at Big Lots?


  1. We have a nice BigLots. I like to get canned fruit when it is on sale.

    Good job spotting the chips!

    1. I will have to keep my eye out for fruit. Thanks for your comment!


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