Clutter Busting Challenge - Day 14 Update!

This past Friday, I was busy helping my sister in law clean and organize her home. With three little kiddos we were only able to get the master bathroom and part of the living room done plus Bekah was able to get rid of some clothes - which will be sold in my yard sale! (That was my payment for my hard work. :D)

Recently, Bekah gave birth to her son Ethan! He just turned 7 weeks old. She was in need of company and help getting things done around the house. Since, I am no longer babysitting - this was the perfect time to plan a visit!

If you know me, I love to help others clean and organize their homes. I just find it so much fun. Some find it weird but they sure do love the help. Next on my list is to help my mother in law and a friend in Toccoa, Ga (3 hours from here - where my sister in law lives.)

I did not get rid of anything of my own since I wasn't home but from now until the beginning of June - the focus is on my home. I am doing well with the challenge but need to pick up the pace. I know I will not run out of items to get rid of!

How are you doing? Are you able to get rid of at least 7 things?

 Now for the most important part of my weekend! The sweet moments with family!
I got to hang out with this little man. My nephew, Ethan.

Grocery Shopping with the little ones. 

Hailey holding her cousin. So sweet! 

My beautiful sister in law! 

I was also able to attend a baby shower for a friend of mine, Veronica. Bekah (sister in law) was one of the hosts! 

Beautiful mommy to be! 

Food table. Simple but so cute! 

Candy table! 

What a sweet time I had! Even with the cleaning and organizing!


  1. Looks like a nice visit. You can come help me anytime you want. :)
    Your nephew is just a bit older than our newest grandson.

    1. It was! I would come help you...might be a long drive. lol


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