Meals This Week - 5/20

I am so sorry this post is so late. I have been dealing with a lot of pain in my body so sitting down to write my blog posts have not been doable. I am still dealing with the pain but I will be going to the doctor tomorrow. And another doctor on August 20th. Praying the Lord keeps the pain at a minimum for day to day activities.

Anyways, I did not sit down until last night to plan out our meals...well write them down. I had them in my mind but I need them written down so I do not forget. :)

monday: dinner at a friend's house (teriyaki chicken, broccoli, corn and brown rice)
tuesday: teriyaki chicken, broccoli and brown rice (i had this planned out before i knew what monday's meal was. haha)
wednesday: montreal chicken, barley and zucchini
thursday: Harper's 1st birthday - Nathan takes each girl out to dinner for their birthday!
friday: dinner at our amazing in laws
saturday: grill out after Harper's birthday party
sunday: pot roast, sweet potatoes and zucchini

I was able to put together the chicken for tonight's dish while I was cooking dinner last night. This saved me time today - I am trying to get in a routine so I have dinner ready by 6:00 each night.

A funny story from last nights dinner - I was just finishing up cooking everything - table was set, drinks were poured. We got a knock on the door, it was a guy who wanted to talk with Nathan about updating our alarm system. He was suppose to come back at 8 pm but was a couple hours early.

While Nathan and Jordan were filling out paperwork for the new alarm system - he asked what was for dinner. I told him what we were having and he said that sounds awesome. I then told him he could have some dinner if he wanted to. :) He was so surprised that we actually invited him to eat with us.

He thought he would be funny and ask Nathan if I was a good cook...of course Nathan said yes. It was a fun time getting to know someone from a different state.

He called me today to thank me again. Such fun!

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