Clutter Busting Challenge - Day 16 and 17

Good morning! Sorry again about this post being a day late. My doctor's appointment is this afternoon so hopefully i will find out some answers about this pain and swelling i have been dealing with. 

Finding the items I got rid of was super easy. Day 16's items came from my husband. He was taking back his old phone to work along with the plugs and such that belonged with it. Day 17 - I was looking for a birthday outfit for Harper in the girls' closet when I opened up a box - inside was a bunch of items that I meant to get rid of a few months ago but did not.

Day 16: 

- Droid Phone
- phone case
- charging deck
- extra wall charger
- 3 expired spices 

Day 17: 

- hanging shoe holder
- 2 bassinet sheets (never used)
- 7 magazines 

These items will be added to the McKay's Bookstore pile and the yard sale pile! The month will be over soon - I am so looking forward to selling these items. 

Our house actually looks less cluttered. I am loving it! 

How are you doing?! 

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