$50 Grocery Challenge Update

I am doing pretty well on this monthly challenge. I have not gone over my budget of $50 this month yet so I am very happy!

Monday, I headed out to Aldi (after I went to Publix for my friend) to pick up a few things. The milk was an addition because Harper switched for formula to whole milk last week. I will not be adding that into this budget since I had formula money set aside. So thankful that she is not on formula! lol

Last time I posted here were the stats:

Total Spent: $28.35 

Monday I Spent: $11.47 (this does not include the milk as stated above)

This brings my Total Spent so far to: $39.82 -- I now have $10.18 left to spend!

Tonight I will be heading to publix and walmart for a few things but with coupons most of it should be free! I love finding deals like this. I will post about the trips tomorrow!

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