An Update Of My Life!

I should be in bed by now but I am waiting for cupcakes to cool. Harper's birthday party is tomorrow at 2 pm! I cannot believe she is 1 already!

There is Harper a month old and now ONE YEAR OLD!!! So crazy! She is such a joy. The Lord has truly blessed Nathan and I with this little sweet one.

I have the decorations packed, 4 dozen cupcakes ready to be frosted in the morning and outfits picked out. In the morning, Nathan will pick up some bottled water, cokes and ice. I was going to make sweet tea and have bottled water but cokes are easier to pick up at the store.

I have spent less than $20 so far on this party...tomorrow will make it around $25 or $26 depending on what deals Nathan can find. I have one coupon for a FREE 2L of Pepsi Next - received in the mail! I love that we are having a great party but I stayed way under budget! Pictures to come soon!


Yesterday afternoon I headed to the doctor to see what the bulge/swollen area above my leg was. He said he was almost positive it is a hernia. I have been in a lot of pain but Nathan has been an amazing help. I did have 5 kiddos today (my 2 and 3 others) so the pain was worse but thankfully I was given some medicine for that.

The life of a mother stops for nothing! lol I have completed 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the living room and part of the kitchen and made the cupcakes and sweet tea (for dinner.) I will pick clothes away and try to finish cleaning the kitchen in the morning.

Next Thursday, I will be meeting with a general surgeon to see what steps we need to take. My doctor said it would probably end in surgery but we shall see. I just want all the pain to go away.


For the Clutter Busting Challenge, I was able to get rid of two things today and that was because they fell out of on of the cupboards. lol I have not been able to get in the closets due to the pain but those will get cleaned out this week. I am going to have my husband and friends help me out.


How are you doing this week? Anything I can pray for you about? Let me know! I would love to hear from you!


  1. Sweetie, I am going to pray for you. Having a hernia and taking care of children....I'm tired just reading all that. You are doing an amazing job as a wife and mom. I hopped over here from Rhonda's Make Do and glad I did. Her blog list doesn't seem to be updating your posts, so I first saw the one from Big Lots. I often forget about our Big Lots...will have to check it out.

    Keep doing the challenge, but please go slow.
    blessings, jill

    1. Thank you so much, Jill! i appreciate your prayers and your encouragement. I am glad you stopped by! I will go slow...even though that will be very hard for me. lol

    2. Like Jilly said, I don't know why your blog does not update on my blog side bar either.
      Happy birthday to Harper. She has some amazing blue eyes. (And wonderful parents)

    3. I am not sure about that. I will look into it though. Thank you for the happy birthday wishes. She has her daddy's eyes. So beautiful!

    4. Maybe you can take me off the blog list and try it again. My blog was messing up a little bit ago so I had to do a little work on it.


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