Clutter Busting Challenge - Day 20

I know I have skipped a few days of this challenge but I am slowly trying to get back into finding items to sell in our yard sale. We should have a good amount of items this weekend. We are getting a storage unit to free up our closet spaces in our home.

We do not have a basement and our attic is super small - it has the Christmas tree and decorations up there. I am super excited about getting the closets cleaned out so we can reach our clothes and have the girls' toys stored away so they are not always out.

We put these items in our yard sale pile: 

- 3 pairs women's shoes
- 3 pairs men's shoes
- 1 shirt
- 1 glove (i know the other one is around in my room some where. I will find it later. lol) 

Nathan told me he would have a good amount of clothes to give me in a couple weeks - his birthday is coming up so he will be getting new clothes for work from his Grandmommy. I love that we usually never have to buy clothes! Birthdays and Christmas are the times when we get what we need as gifts. Very practical! 

How are you doing on the clutter busting challenge? Ready for it to be over or wishing for a longer time? 

One good thing about this challenge is that is has helped me keep our house clean! I have kept the kitchen sick empty on almost every night for the past couple weeks. It has been amazing! I love a clutter free home!

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