Last Shopping Trip For May!

I made our final shopping trip for this month. I was really trying to stay under $50 for the whole month but I went over...

BUT it was only by $1.10!!!!

I am so happy with that I was pretty much able to buy all of our food for the month for $51.10!!! I still have a lot in our stockpile which is awesome so next month I am going to try to keep it under $100.

$100 seems very doable. I would say $75 but I need to stock up on chicken and ground beef. Hoping for some great deals!

Here is what I purchased tonight:


- 10 boxes Ronzoni Pasta (used (5) $1.00/2 boxes - I should have gotten the whole wheat but I was not thinking clearly. The cashier let me use the coupons anyways.)
- 10 French's Mustards (used (10) $0.50/1 - this doubled.)

Total Spent: $1.90 plus tax (I was even given the overage for the mustard!)

Total Saved: $29.80 or 94%


- 1 gallon milk 2.99 (missing from picture)
- eggs .99
- 2 packs blueberries 3.98 (one was price matched at walmart - I was hoping for strawberries but they were gone.)

Total Spent: $7.96 plus tax 

This picture is of the Rice Dream that I was able to get for FREE at Walmart! It took 3 computers to get the (6) $2.00/1 coupons - printed from Facebook. This helped save me $12!!! Love it!

How did you do this month?

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