Grocery Shopping Update

With two weeks left, I am going to have to get creative with the last bit of our grocery money. I am pretty sure I can finish out the month without spending over $50 but it may be close.

One thing I did not take into account was the tax here. I do not like the food taxes here - 9.25% and 7.5% --

{I just had to take a break for writing this post. I was adding up all of the money I have spent on groceries and then I got a phone call - well Hailey got a phone call from her best friend Eden. :D}

I realized tonight that I needed to use up $6 in ExtraCare Bucks from CVS by tomorrow so the girls and I headed over to the store to pick up some milk. But before I left - I checked to see what coupons I had that I could use at the Dollar Tree.

Oh and yesterday, I made a quick trip to Aldi for fresh fruit and sandwich bags.

Total Spent: $7.67

Total Spent: $0.57 

Aldi was a great shopping trip because I made $6.46 for my shopping job. I picked up some groceries for my friend. This was great! I did not add that to my $50 budget though. That money will go into our other accounts. :)

The CVS trip cost $2.07 after extracare bucks and coupons but Hailey was buying the M&Ms for her special treat. (My grandparents collect change for her in the truck stops when they are out on a run. They look in the parking lot for any spare change. This bag had a little over $6 in it.)

I love that I can make money for grocery shopping while helping someone out when their life is too crazy. And I enjoy grocery shopping. 

I calculated how much money I have spent this month so far. Here are the totals:

Total Spent For This Month: $28.35 

Total Left To Spend: $21.65

{Last month, I forgot to subtract the money I was spending toward the items I was giving to another family.} 

Friday, I will be sharing a Veggie Lover Box with a friend plus getting Farm Fresh Eggs. This will cost me $13.00 but these veggies/fruits should last us the next two weeks. 

I will then have $8.65 for the rest of the month of May!!! This is where it is going to get creative! Hopefully there will be good moneymakers at Walmart that I can use! Or if anyone gives us free food. haha

I am glad that this challenge happened this month - I am pretty much finished with my babysitting job so I will be looking for another one. This has taken about $300 from our month income budget but the Lord knew that this would happen and I am truly happy for my friend who gets to stay home with her kiddos now. :D It will just be an adjustment. 

How is your grocery budget looking for the month? Are you staying on track? 


  1. I live in Oklahoma and we pay sales tax on everything! Even if I buy some thing for a dollar and use a dollar coupon on it to get it "free" we still have to pay tax- the rate is about 9% . So a $1 free item still costs about 9 cents.

    1. I am originally from Pennsylvania where there is not a lot of tax on many items - food or clothes - the taxes here still irritate me. lol But I would still rather pay the .09 than $1.09 - I am slowly learning to deal with it but it is a slow road since i have lived in TN for over 5 years now. lol


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