Clutter Busting Challenge - Day #11

It was time to tackle the play room. Hailey and Harper will be having birthday parties soon so I wanted to make room for any new toys they might get. I did ask for some people to buy them their favorite snacks instead of toys - items they will actually use - idea taken from my friend.

At first, Hailey did not want to get rid of her toys but I reminded her why we were selling them. I told her that the money we made from our yard sale would go towards her birthday and her dad's. She said okay and let me get rid of a good amount.

I was proud of her. She did not even fuss one time about it and that is amazing for a almost 3 year old.

There are too many items for me to do a break down but I am sure there is over 50 items right here. Toys, sleeping wedge, baby seat, knobs from the kitchen, books and little odds and ends.  

Maternity clothes, play mat and hallway rug - it kept moving off to the side of the hallway so I decided we did not need it anymore. 

I am so happy with how well we are doing with getting rid of some of our possessions. I feel like we are going towards being minimalists but not all the way there. lol

I love our home and I want to be able to enjoy it without the clutter. 

How are you doing this week? I would love to hear! 

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