Clutter Busting Challenge - THE END!

Sorry this post is a few days late, I was busy this weekend cleaning up our house since I have been taking it easy due to some pain. I am still having pain but I was able to clean the whole house this weekend plus the front porch!

I wanted to make sure I finished the challenge out - I know I still have tons of items that I can get rid of so I will take tomorrow and tuesday to finish up clutter busting!

sorry this was blurry - stack of expired coupon inserts

In the past couple days, I was able to go through my coupon box. I am a little embarrassed because a lot of what was in the box was expired. I had all my recent coupon inserts in another bag so I hadn't been in my coupon box for a little while. 

I cancelled my newspaper subscription so I now only have 5-7 inserts each week instead of 11. This has cleared out the newspaper clutter that was happening in my recycle box on the front porch. 

Anyways, I would say I had about 75 inserts to recycle. Oh my goodness! 

Other items: 

- stack of books from the girl's room
- 2 Fisher Price toys
- other items I cannot think of. 

The GRAND TOTAL of items that I have been able to clear out of the house is 300 and that does not include the coupon inserts. 

I will be having a yard sale this coming Saturday so I hopefully make some good money on this clutter! I cannot believe how many items I was able to get rid of!!! 

I will be trying to keep the clutter down to a minimum. Going through the house a couple times a month to make sure we are staying on track. 

How did you finish out? I would love to hear!!!


  1. Congrats on finishing up....and with all that pain. I do hope your yard sale went well. I had a few sales where I just started giving stuff away....just to be rid of it. Paper clutter is by far my worse clutter. I think it multiplies on its own overnight.

    I do hope your week is wonderful and you have far less pain.
    blessings, jill

  2. Thanks, Jill. My yard sale is this Saturday so I hope it goes well. I am ready for it - mostly because I would like all of this stuff to be out of my home. :D Paper clutter is always the worst.

    Have a wonderful week! Thanks again!


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