Meals This Week - June 17 thru June 23

Good evening! I am so sorry I have not been posting as much as I would like. I was feeling better this past week until Sunday night. My pain flared up again - this time coming stronger. 

I spoke with another doctor to do some tests last week - Friday evening I found out that I have a bacterial infection. Nathan's mom thinks this could be causing the swelling in my pelvis/right thigh. I start treatment tomorrow (antibiotics) - I just finished another round of antibiotics for strep or some other type of infection (they were unsure.) 

We have spent a large amount of money on doctor's copays and medications. But I will continue to praise the Lord for the money to pay for those things and a husband who works so hard for that. We are so blessed. Plus having Alora live with us has been a HUGE help. She has been such a great helper with anything we need. Last week, she even babysat for us 2 nights so we could go out! 

I have been winging my meal plans - not really writing anything down. It has worked out for us but I do not really like it. I love to make lists. I feel way more organized this way - even if I do not follow it completely. 

So what is on our menu this week? 

Monday: Homemade Pizza - simple...cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce with a few seasonings

Tuesday: Sliced Polish Sausage (browned in a pan with olive oil, pepper, onion and garlic powder) with french fries and broccoli

Wednesday: Pasta Night with green beans or iceburg wedge salad

Thursday: Leftovers 

Friday: Taco Night (leftovers will be served for lunch) 

Saturday: Pancakes with Bacon

Sunday: Roast Beef served with rice and carrots

That sounds like a good plan for us this week. Lunches have been pb&j sandwiches, chips/pretzels, strawberries and pediasure for the kids. Harper has had ear infections twice now so she has not been eating a lot yesterday or today...crackers, pretzels, milk and some fruit. 

I do not really have that much money for the rest of the month for meals so I will be getting creative. I would say I have less than $20 at the moment but I will be taking books and cds to the used bookstore to see what I can trade them in for. Hopefully some cash and store credit. 

What meals will you be having? How is your grocery budget looking? 


  1. Hello- so sorry you have felt bad for so long! It can't be easy to take care of your little one like this. I hope the new medicines work for you.

    I am trying to get a handle on the grocery budget. I have been shopping the local sales this month and am so happy that Aldis will open in my town soon.

    1. Thank you so much, Rhonda. I have learned the new medicine is for something unrelated to the pain I have been having. I did go to the general surgeon again for a follow up. He explained everything clearly this time - he thinks a ligament that goes from my pelvis to the right side of my hip is the issue.

      There is nothing he can really do but wait and see if it goes away from limiting my activity. i cannot take anti-inflammatories since i have ulcers. He did say if it gets worse to call him - then we will take some xrays. I will see him again in 3 months.

      So excited for you to be getting an Aldi! I love shopping there so much. Good luck on getting a handle on your grocery budget. I went over mine but will be changing that next month for sure!

  2. Hi Carley
    I never heard of such a painful situation, bless you!

    I am blogging back at my old blog- hope you will come visit when you can. and I am still trying to get your log to update in my side bar. I put the ones that weren't updating in their own list and that seems to of fixed some of them.


    1. I have been reading it! love your posts. I am sorry that it wasn't updating. It is so weird.


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