Grocery Shopping Day!!!

Isn't she just beautiful?! My big girl started Preschool this past Tuesday!!! Hailey is having so much fun! I miss her but it is good for the both of us.

What does that have to do with my grocery shopping day?

I now only have Harper to take with me to go shopping! AWESOMENESS!

Plus Harper and I get to spend some quality time together every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 2 pm. It has been so nice already.

Today, we went to CVS and Aldi while Hailey was in school.


- norelco Razor 39.99 (raincheck from 12/2011)
- campbell's Tomato Soup 1.00
- puffs basic tissue box .88

coupons used:

- $10 ECBs from previous purchase
- $3/$10 shave cvs coupon
- $1 p&g cvs coupon
- $0.50 campbell's soup cvs coupon

Total Spent: $27.37 plus tax AND received $10 ecbs for buying the razor

Total Saved: $29.10


I was able to stock up on watermelon, peaches, grapes, avocados and mangoes. I also picked up 2 gallons milk, cookies, animal crackers, cheese its, lettuce, turkey, block cheese, 1 plum, black beans, tortillas, hot dogs, biscuits, brown sugar, olive oil, vegetable oil, bananas and toilet papter.

Total Spent: $47.36 plus tax

I love Aldi! They have amazing deals on fruit and vegetables.

This was one of our non shopping stops. Grandmommy lives right near the church where Hailey goes to school so we of course had to stop. Grandmommy is 92 years old and is doing wonderful. I truly love our weekly visits. She is an amazing woman. 

Back to shopping! We picked up Hailey from school and then headed to Hobby Lobby and Walgreens.

Hobby Lobby was a quick stop. Hailey needs her school bag decorated with her name - she also asked for flowers. pictures soon to come.

walgreens was my favorite today. i found an unexpected deal.

- 7 boxes Quaker Oatmeal Squares $1.67 (unexpected find! my favorite cereal)
- 2 ivory soaps $1.00
- 2 Kashi Go Lean Crunch $1.99
- 5 Butterball turkey bacon $0.99

coupons used:

- (2) $1 kashi cereal
- (5) $0.55/1 butterball turkey bacon
- (2) $0.50 off ivory soap
- $5 Rewards Redemption

Total Spent: $11.87 plus tax

Total Saved: $43.72 or 77%

I was SO happy about this walgreens trip! we are stocked up on cereal for a little while. I may go to the other Walgreens over by our house to see if they have Honey Nut Cheerios on sale there - my Papa loves that kind.

I also purchased 12 pounds of hormone and antibiotic free chicken from Earth Fare. It was only $2.99/lb which is half off of the regular price.  50% savings is good for me!

Our grocery spending for the month is at $108.17 - this is definitely over what we normally spend right now but I had to stock up on some chicken. :D Nathan is a meat eater!

How has your grocery shopping been going? Finding any great deals?

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