Deals, Deals, Deals...I love Deals!

I have been making couponing trips this week and I couldn't be happier with the way my stockpile is looking. :D This makes me happy because of our March challenge that I will share tomorrow! Nathan and I are excited to see how we can do. :D Are you interested?

Take a look at what I was able to get with some coupons. :D

 Target was a great place to start. I was happy to have printer ink back because Target had a bunch of great store coupons that made these items free or really cheap. I was also able to get two bras on clearance but I do not need to show those. :D

Transaction One - Spent: $18.39 plus tax Saved $25.12 or 58%

Transaction Two - Spent: $3.45 plus tax Saved: $8.74 or 78%

After I picked the girls up from school and we went to Target...we headed to Aldi. I totally thought I had everything we needed but we were out of oil, butter, toilet paper, eggs, ect. I did find the Activia on sale for $0.29!! That was awesome. Missing from the picture is a bag of navel oranges - Hailey asked for oranges, raisins and carrots. I really only needed one pack of ramen noodles but they only sell a 12 pack for $2.09 - not bad.  

Total Spent: $33.34 plus tax 

I love this picture! Hailey and Harper said they had to be in the picture of the stuff from Publix. They are too sweet. This trip was because I totally forgot about my rain check for the FREE pasta at Publix (after my coupons.) I found great coupons at the front desk so we went to see what we could score. :D 

Total Spent: $10.39 plus tax 

Total Saved: $13.97 

I LOVE JcPenny's. Do you shop there? You must! They have amazing clearance and sometimes the cashier gives you even bigger discounts! My friend and I were power walking in the mall Tuesday morning...yes we felt like little old ladies but it was warmer inside. We stopped to check out a couple stores and this is what I found at JcPenny's! 

{The striped colored napkins and the hanging things are for Haileys' birthday. Plan Well, Spend Less!}

Total Spent: $5.52 after tax (I had a $2 gift card from my cousin Tyler - he didn't want to use it.)

Total Saved: $50.12 or 91% 


Walmart stop today! Of course, our vacuum belt had to break this week. That is okay - I needed to go there to use some coupons. :D I was able to stock up on cards for Valentine's for next year plus get my favorite milk and an amazing deal on men's shampoo - Nathan was very happy. 

I found the Clear Shampoo on the clearance isle for $2.50 - a couple weeks ago - Hailey picked up (4) $2 off any Clear tear pad coupons! She said I had to have them because I needed them. I am happy she got them! 
{I also broke this into two transaction because the clear coupons said to use only 2 per transaction.}

Total Spent: $5.71 plus tax (this does not include the vacuum belt - that was $3.88) 

Total Saved: $34.52 or 86%

I had a few minutes to spare on my way to get the girls so I stopped in at Walgreens. Super quick trip. I love printable coupons. "Plan Well, Spend Less" The candy is for the girls' Easter baskets. 

Total Spent: $0.69 plus tax

Total Saved: $12.64 or 95% 

This afternoon after I picked up the girls we headed to our friend's house to drop off some suits that did not fit Nathan. They were given to us for free so we wanted to pass them along to someone else. M is the perfect person for these...he looks like a presidential candidate in them. :D 

Their house just happens to be right next to a Publix (it is at the bottom of the hill of the neighborhood.) Perfect! I even printed off coupons for Cara at her house for her to use. :D 

Total Spent: $13.13 plus tax (actually $15.13 but they owe me $2.00 so I will get that another day)

Total Saved: $41.56 or 76% 

{Be on the lookout for $1 off Belvita coupons at your local Publix. They were at the front desk of ours. great deal!} 

I am thankful that I was blessed with being able to get these deals because Nathan and I have been planning on a big challenge for next month. Stay tuned!!!! Tomorrow I will share the challenge with you.

{Edit: I did sell a couple of Nathan's shirts today for $8.75 at Plato's Closet. Hoping to sell more later.}


  1. wow! you did great, you are going to need a bigger pantry.
    I never get tired of reading about good deals.

    1. Thanks Rhonda! And I totally do need a bigger pantry. Right now some of the groceries are sitting on my kitchen table and counter. haha But that means we have plenty of food! :D


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