I know what some of you might be thinking...how in the world...do you have enough food...I couldn't!

What am I talking about?! 

Recently, I stumbled upon a new to me blog. ZeahRennaissance - she lives in rural Pa...which is awesome because I am from rural Pa as well! She inspired me so much this month. She was able to complete one month of NOTHING BUT DAIRY GROCERY CHALLENGE! 

I talked with Nathan and asked what he thought about doing this challenge in the month of March. He thought it was a great idea! 

So here we are...tomorrow is March 1st - the first day of our challenge. I will only be buying dairy products as needed for the entire month of March!!! Crazy I know but so very doable! 

{The money that I will not spend on groceries this month will go toward Nathan's hunting rifles. Great investment in my opinion! I see turkey and deer in my future!}

While at Starbucks tonight, I sat down and wrote out our meals for the next two weeks...I ended up writing them out for the whole month. At dinner, Nathan and I went over the meals. (I wanted to see what his thoughts were - hoping he liked everything that I had chosen. He did...of course!)

This is March 1st thru the 14th. 

Since I was meeting Nathan for dinner at Southern Burger Co. close to where he had his Hunting Safety Course Training - I took the opportunity to go pick up my refund at Publix, Harper's lost shoe at Earth Fare and see what deals I could pick up as my last shopping trip.

Publix refunded me $2.00 since my coupons did not double. They do not know what has been going on with their system but are working on fixing it. I found more $1.00 off Belvita coupons and $1.00 Hunts sauce. 

Total Spent: $4.38 plus tax

Total Saved: $13.36 or 75%

I then headed to Target (Earth Fare is right next door) to look for a few things. I did not find exactly what I was looking for but I was able to get 2 boxes of Old El Paso Taco Shells. 

Total Spent: $1.54 plus tax 

Total Saved: $1.00 (more but I do not remember what the original price was)

Finally I checked out Big Lots. I was really hoping for $0.25 chips like I found last time but no such luck. I did find two men's shirts markdown to $0.75 each and JIF Hazelnut spread for $1.00 each!!! 

Total Spent: $5.50 plus tax

Total Saved: $15.05 or 73% (JIF is normally $3.64 each at Walmart!) 

** I did go over my normal grocery budget this month but I stocked up on a lot of items we use throughout the year. I am excited to see how much I can save in the next few months because of this. 

I will post my meals for the week and tell you about the challenge next Friday! Wish me luck! 

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