This Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Dinner @ Home 3/1 - The Start to Our Nothing But Dairy Grocery Challenge! 

When I sat down to write down our frugal accomplishments on Saturday night - it made me realize how fast time goes by. This week is a blur - haha! Nathan and I are so tired...it must be our kids...they take all the energy out of us and then we can't remember anything. ;D

Anyways, here are our frugal accomplishments.

I accepted coupon inserts, 3 magazines and a jar of Mango Salsa from Grandmommy. :D

I picked up our garden seeds at Dollar Tree - only $0.25 per pack! I let Hailey help me choose what we were going to grow...she wanted a lot. Hoping this is a great year of fresh produce!

I couponed for groceries at stock up prices. And because of that we are completely set for this month's challenge.

We started our Nothing But Dairy Grocery Challenge. This will help us save a lot of money and eat what I have stocked up in our pantry, freezer and fridge! Keep reading every week for a status update!

{The money we do not spend on groceries will go into Nathan's savings for a new hunting rifle and shotgun. This will also help us save money in the future because he will be getting our meat.}

Nathan completed his Hunter Safety Course (which was free) - he even made a 99% on his test! I am really proud of him. I know I have given him a hard time about a little boy making a 100% but I am so thankful that Nathan is willing to sacrifice his time to take this course so that he can hunt for our meat. This has been something I have wanted so him doing this on top of work, master's and spending time with us is AMAZING! I truly have the best husband ever. :D

Thursday night I took the girls to Earth Fare for Family Night. You can get up to 6 kids meals for FREE when you buy an adult meal. I get 1/2 sandwich and a drink. The cost is about $6 plus tax but I have a couple gift cards the store gave me from a previous bad experience. This time it was pretty good.

I planned out our meals for the ENTIRE month of March - this is part of the NBD Grocery Challenge.

I signed up for a FREE subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine.

My in laws took the girls for a sleepover on Friday night. Nathan and I went out to dinner on a date - I received a free side (had to text a number.) It was delicious! Yummy burgers!

Southern Burger Co. 
I received a $10 Starbucks gift card in the mail...thanks to Crystal over @ MoneySavingMom! I purchased her book last month (which is AMAZING!) and she offered to send a gift card! How awesome!

We were also able to put more money into our savings. Thank you tax return and hard working Nathan!

I sold some of Nathan's shirts at Plato's Closet - I  made $8.75! Plus I have some posted online - hoping to sell those as well.

We had a free lunch yesterday provided by our church. It was to hear one of our missionaries speak about her work. She is such an amazing woman! Plus they provided childcare. I cannot wait to hear more about her work!

I am working on expanding our garden - I purchased a Big Bag Bed but it was not as big as I wanted it so I returned it. Nathan and I are looking into alternative ways with out spending too much money. We would just till the land but our soil is horrible. It is mostly rocks (must have been a gravel backyard at one time.)

I think that is all I can think of. (We did receive our electric bill but it was a couple dollars higher than last month's - I have been trying to conserve energy and even turned our heater down. I don't really understand. We will keep at it though.)

I will be sharing my link over at The Prudent Homemaker Blog.


  1. A lot of people in our area claim no matter what they do their electric bills continue to rise. They're blaming in on the company just charging what ever they want pretty much. We're right over the county line and are on a different power source and our's does not continue to rise. So who knows?!


    1. Yeah I do not understand it. I was talking to a friend today about our bill and she shared that theirs went down by $100 because they got a new air/heat system. I asked what it was before that and I was floored. I do not think I will ever complain about what we pay. It is nothing compared to other peoples.

      Thank you for leaving your link! Glad your electric bill is not going up!

  2. Our electric bills have been crazy the past two months. I am sure some of it is due to the crazy weather we've had but part of it truly is an increase. The price per kilowatt hour is about what it usually is for summer, $4.50 or something like that. Am I complaining LOUD? No. I am grateful we have electricity, grateful I have the money to pay that bill, grateful I can be warm.

    1. :D I am also grateful for the electricity and the money to pay the bill and to be warm...but it is still really annoying! haha Maybe I can find other ways to save on the electricity that I do not know at this moment. :D


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