My Favorite Deal This Week!!!

Do you shop at a discount bread store?! If you have one, I would encourage you to check it out soon! I like to go right when they open - this is when they have bigger markdowns! More savings! Who doesn't like that?!

I believe there are two discount bread stores here in Chattanooga but I have only been to one. The one that I have been to is near the church where the girls go for the MDO program so getting there at opening is easy.

Tuesday I knew I needed bread but I was tired of buying it every week. I love to stock up on as much as I possibly can.

I looked on the .50 bread shelf and only found the one Wonder Bread...at first this made me sad but then I saw a sign. A small sign in front of the Nature's Own thin bagels and sandwich thins!

It read: $0.49 each!!!! Are you kidding me?! That is amazing!

The bagels sell at Bi Lo for $4.19 and the sandwich thins sell for $3.89!

I grabbed 4 bags of the bagels and 14 bags of the sandwich thins plus 1 loaf bread and 1 pack flour tortillas!

I paid $13.13 after tax!!!! 

My receipt said that I saved $19.69 - if I would have purchased these things at Bi Lo or Publix...I would have spend $75.00 without sales or coupons!!!

In all I saved: $65.18 

That makes me this one of my favorite deals! My MIL was very happy because I shared with her. They love the sandwich thins! love it!

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