DIY Memo Board

So simple! So cute! I love it! 

My wonderful friend Cara (thank you!!!) put this memo board together for me! She has made a couple for her home and I knew I had an old open picture frame that would be perfect for this...so I asked her if she had extra chicken wire! Thankfully she did! 

I traded babysitting her kids last Friday. What a GREAT trade! 

Now to print pictures to hang from those cute clothes pins. 

For this project you will need: 

chicken wire - cara had some leftover
old open frame - yard sale find for .10 (can't beat that!) two summers ago
staple gun

She cut the chicken wire to fit the frame. Stapled it to the frame (twisting the outer open ends together.) Placed clothes pins on. I put a nail in the wall and hung it up. :D 

{This is just what I saw from looking at the frame. If you have any questions, I will get the answers!} 

This project shows me that crafts do not have to be super complicated and anyone can be crafty! I can't wait to see what else Cara comes up with! :D 

Each Thursday - will be having a craft/mommy day. Next week the plan is to make Scripture art! I will share what we come up with! I am so excited for this time! It makes me so happy! 

What about you? What crafts have you been working on lately? Leave me a comment or your link below! 


  1. Good morning, that is really cute and the red frame really sets it off.
    I have been sewing this week, and of course I blogged about it. :)

    1. Thank you Rhonda! I saw your post! I need to get back into sewing. My machine has been lonely. Lol


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