Publix Shopping Trip 2.23.2014

I am loving couponing. I love saving money on things my family needs plus extra to give to others.

I went to Publix by myself tonight. It was so peaceful. I could think clearly...well kind of. haha It was a wonderful time. This is definitely up in the top three reasons why I love couponing...my time.

A couple days ago, Nathan purchased black printer ink for me so I could start printing coupons again. Plus I wanted some free picture prints for my home. :D I was happy with what I was able to print.

Here is what I was able to get:

1 Gallon milk
6 Greek sour cream
2 Yakisoba noodles
2 Hanover black beans
10 Plum Organic Pouches
2 Happy Baby Pouches
7 Pepperidge Farm Bread
1.5 lb Drumsticks
2.30 lb Bananas (I will receive .50 back from Checkout51)
3 Progresso Recipe Starters
2 Wishbone Dressings
4 Del Monte Veggies
2 Hunts Tomato Sauce
4 Bertolli Sauces
2 ICBIN Butter
2 Hormel Pepperoni Packs
1 Hunts Whole Tomatoes
4 Cascadian Farms Granola
4 Krave Cereal (perfect for a special treat for the girls/kids for small group)
3 EAS Lean Protein Bars

Total Saved: $101.55 or 67% 

Total Spent: $50.70 

I used a combination of newspaper coupons, printable coupons and store/competitor coupons. This Publix takes Target coupons so I printed a handful out to use. Plus I found a $2 off Publix chicken when you buy 4 participating Hunts/Progresso items.

The fruit pouches were more than I originally planned but they were still cheaper than purchasing them at Target plus my girls will be so excited since I do not buy them all the time. Also, the pepperoni were .70 more that other stores.

I know there were not coupons for Bertolli this time around but that is Nathan's favorite sauce so I had to get him some. :D Makes it easier for me as well.

This will have made me go over my monthly budget but I wanted to try to stock up on extra items because next month I will be doing a new challenge. Stay tuned!

What do you think of my savings? I was so happy and my cashier was excited for me...what could be better than that?!


  1. Nice savings total! So proud of you and appreciative of you letting me raid your precious stash.

    1. haha thanks Janice! You can come anytime. :D


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