Meeting the Duggars (Pictures)

I wanted to share our pictures from meeting the Duggars! It was so much fun. They are so sweet. I did not say what I wanted to say because I was enjoying Hailey's excitement in meeting them and saying hi. It was great!

I was more excited to meet the older Duggar girls than Hailey was - she did ask them to sign her book "Growing Up Duggar." I am so thankful these girls wrote this book - I wish I could have read it when I was younger but I am happy Hailey will be able to read it. :D 

Little Miss Hailey was SO excited to get her picture taken with John-David. She loves his name because John is her Poppi's name and David is her uncle's name! 

I was so excited to meet Jim-Bob and Michelle. I wish I would have spoken up about how they have impacted my life - especially at the end of last year. I have watched their show since it started. :D
Hailey was excited to meet them because they are Josie's parents. The is the one person she wanted to meet - guess what?! She did! Not at the table but in the bathroom! She came running to me (I was in line at the front...my friend had taken her for me) yelling, "Mom, I met Josie in the bathroom!" She wanted everyone to know! She has so full of excitement. She even asked me if she could go to Josie's house to play. :D
I am thankful I got to share this time with friends and family...especially Hailey. I pray everyday she grows up living her life for the Lord as the Duggar kids have. So thankful for the family and their example. :D 

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