Third Week of the Nothing But Dairy Grocery Challenge (update)

Walmart/Publix: $11.28 plus tax Saved: $15.56

This week did not go as expected but it wasn't very surprising. It is very hard to be a couponer and do a nothing but dairy grocery challenge. I did set a budget of $50 for the month but have gone over it by $12.96 - I am still very happy with how we have done. And thankfully, we have plenty of food to eat in the pantry and fridge/freezer to use for next month.

(The shrimp I purchased for Nathan as a surprise. He earned another A in one of his master's classes so I wanted to give him a gift!)

We for sure failed in the area of eating out this month. I thought we would only eat out once a week but that was definitely not the case. So as of yesterday, Nathan and I decided to be on a strict no eating out especially with the kids. It is hard to take them plus it wastes money.

Publix: $6.75 plus tax Saved: $34.94

Missing in the above picture was 4 donuts and half gallon of orange juice - this was for a get together with friends (we are reading the book Desperate together...so great!) I was even given pancake muffins to take home!

I was proud that I actually wrote down what we ate this week!

15th Saturday:
breakfast: cold cereal and yogurt
lunch: pb&j sandwiches, fruit and pretzels (girls/Nathan) - Chickfila for me!
dinner: leftovers in the fridge

16th Sunday:
breakfast: cold cereal, yogurt, breakfast bar
lunch: turkey sandwiches, fruit, pretzels, leftovers for me
dinner: chili or soup with grilled cheese

17th Monday:
breakfast: cold cereal and yogurt
lunch: pb&j sandwiches, fruit and pretzels
dinner: Chickfila for Hailey and I (met the duggars) Harper ate at Mimi's

18th Tuesday:
breakfast: zucchini muffins and yogurt
lunch: turkey sandwiches, fruit, yogurt and chips
dinner: crockpot salsa chicken tacos with rice topped w/ sour cream and lime

19th Wednesday:
breakfast: cold cereal (girls) and MEMs Bible study breakfast for me
lunch: @ Grammie's - chicken, broccoli, rice, cold veggies and dessert
dinner: leftovers

20th Thursday:
breakfast: cold cereal and fruit
lunch: turkey sandwiches, fruit, yogurt and chips (@ a friend's for me)
dinner: Earth Fare Family Night

21st Friday:
breakfast: cold cereal and fruit
lunch: leftovers
dinner: La Altena

(I had food in the fridge but the recipe said it took 1 hour to make...I did not realize this! It was good though because last night we ate this with friends - they came over after church...we needed the company and laughs plus their little girl spent the night...first sleepover for all the girls!)

This coming week I am hoping to not have to buy anything...of course - if there are deals for free or almost free items I will get them. My stockpile is for us but also for other families so I like to keep it full. :D We will also be going out of town Thursday afternoon and will be gone until Sunday - no need to buy groceries at our house. This will also help us to clean out the fridge. :D

How did you do this week?! I would love to hear!


  1. I know just what you mean about no spending and couponing. Sometimes you just CAN'T miss a deal. I remember having a coupon for a FREE box of Cheerios if I bought one and I never used it during the NBD month. It killed me. ;-)

    And only grocery shopping once a month also makes you miss the great meat sales too. I hate that. I am wondering if I ought to change it and go back to once a week to make sure I get the deals but then I *know* if I am out, I am going to want to spend more money than I save. Shamrock shake anyone?! ;-)

    What is a girl to do?!?

    PS. Did I read correctly that you met the Duggars? As in, real life?

    1. I am going to have to do this NBD month again. I know that I can completely succeed - I just need to stay away from the computer. haha Our stockpile was low on items that we use on a daily basis and I know that they do not always go on sale all the time...so I felt like i should get them. :D

      I like grocery shopping once a week - it helps keep my shopping trips small and save money. I get most of our groceries at Aldi so they have fruits and vegetables on sale each week. I only buy those.

      And YES! In real life! I posted the pictures. It was amazing. :D


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