This Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Goodwill purchase.
This week wasn't as frugal as I was hoping. We ended up going out to eat three times - which was two more than I had planned. This also meant we went a little more over our budget I was trying to stay under. I even got sick last night after eating - the meal I chose was too spicy (I love spicy food) but my stomach did not care for that too much. It made me feel even more horrible for eating out when we had food to cook at home.
What I was planning on making for dinner last night did not go to waste. We made it this evening - my neighbor actually grilled our bratwursts this afternoon for me. We had our friends - Janice and Dave plus their two kiddos - over after church. I made cabbage salad, lima beans, homemade macaroni and cheese and Janice brought hot dog buns and drinks. It was perfect. We even have their little girl spending the night (right now) for Hailey and Harper's first sleepover! So fun.
Last night, Nathan and I made a decision that starting today we will not be taking the girls out to dinner (unless we go out of town or something like that.) They do not behave very well and end up not eating anything. Too much money and too much stress = not going out to eat. :D This will also help save us a good amount of money.
Anyways, here are my frugal accomplishments.
We ate all breakfasts and lunches at home. Ate dinner four days out of seven at home. (Monday: met the Duggars!, Thursday: Earth Fare Family Dinner and Saturday: La Altena)
I helped a friend plan her meals out for the week. I made a inventory of what she already had and helped her come up with a list. We met yesterday to do her shopping. It was fun.
I scored a handful of great deals using coupons. Moneymakers and FREE items!
I saved $126 off a medical bill for our daughter's doctors. It just took a minute to ask!
I received a bowl of oranges from our MEMs Bible study.
I started a yard sale pile. So far I have a box of men's clothing, box of women's clothing and a 30 gallon tote full of toys!
I made zucchini muffins from scratch per Hailey's request.
I was able to pick up a new trash can for $36. It is an iTouchless dual compartment trash can...retails at $199.00!! How great of a deal! Plus it is small and looks great.
I recycled like normal.
I gave a shirt away to my mil - it was brand new...I never wore it but knew she would like it. She has given me an entire new wardrobe of clothes in the last few months. It has been amazing!
I shopped at Goodwill. I also signed up for their rewards card and earned 500 points which equals $5.00 in credit!
Best $1.99 I have spent at Goodwill.
My biggest accomplishment has been keeping our grocery budget under $60 this month! The other $140 that I usually spend was meant to go into savings but went towards paying the unexpected doctor's bill. God knew we would need that money so it was great timing that I did the Nothing But Dairy Grocery Challenge. I did not succeed in only buying dairy products but the stuff I did buy was almost free, completely free or a moneymaker. So I am still REALLY proud of myself.
How did you do this week? I would love to hear! 


  1. You had an amazing week!

    I remember what a nightmare it could be taking my kids out for dinner. Every single time we would swear we would never do it again. It eventually gets better. At 12 and 16 I can usually take them out in public without them causing a scene :)

    1. Thanks! And I look forward to when they are old enough. haha!


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