Second Week of Nothing But Dairy Grocery Challenge Update!

So sorry that this is four days late. I did plan on writing this post on my FREE day off on Saturday but as you may already know I didn't. lol

This past weekend and this week have been so BUSY.

Friday: Visit to Hidden Hills Farm (girls got to ride horses, feed chickens and look at cows)
Saturday: Free Day from the house and kiddos (Starbucks, reading, chick fil a, reading, shopping)
Sunday: Church and Family Day (trip to rock creek - new shoes for me and play time at the mall)
Monday: Babysat 3 kiddos plus my 2 until 4:15 then off to MEET THE DUGGARS!
Tuesday: MDO, folding laundry, dinner and trip to Big Lots, Dick's Sporting Goods and Lowes!
Wednesday: Bible Study and day with Grandmommy!

Now that brings us to now...well I had to take a couple minutes break to help my girls but I am pretty good now. And as I type this my husband walked in the door from work! haha I would say there is truly no free time.

Anyways, onto the Nothing But Dairy Grocery Challenge Update!

I have to be honest...I did buy a few items that were not dairy...thankfully they were cheap!

The above shopping trip was at Walmart. All of the items that were not yogurt (except for the candy) were free thanks to coupons plus making money. I spent $5.23 plus tax on everything in the picture. The candy will be for Easter baskets (coupons were about to expire.) They cost me $3.05 plus tax for 10!! Great deal. 

Last night, I stopped at Big Lots looking for chips on the clearance shelf. I have found chips there for $0.25 per pack when they normally cost $4 in regular stores. I did not find any chips but I did find some goodies. I only spent $2.90 plus tax!

Oh and I had to go another day to get pretzels for my hubby. He wanted them for his lunches. And powdered sugar for a brownies - for a little boy's birthday I babysat. I spent $3.20 plus tax for that. 

That said...I had previously budgeted $50 for the month that would give us $5.91 for the rest of the month. I do have some coupons that will be moneymakers at Walmart so hopefully that will help us not spend too much over our budget. 

I also must say...we have eaten out a few more times than we would have liked. Luckily, one of those outings was free because of a gift card. We have spent about $35 over our monthly budget. It has been less than we normally spend but we can always do better. :D 

I have been looking all over the house for my list of meals I made this week but I cannot for the life of me find them. I am so sorry. This is from memory. 

Breakfasts: cold cereals, zucchini muffins (made from scratch), fruit and yogurt

Lunches: pb&j or turkey sandwiches, pretzels, carrots, fruit

Dinners: soup, homemade pizza, vegan chili (added meat to stretch further), earth fare family night, and out to eat with friends and out as a family (free meal) 

I will do better this week for our meals. I will post on Saturday! 

How are you doing with your goals? Please share what you are trying to work on! 


  1. Soooo jealous you got to meet the Duggars! They are so awesome!

    1. I was so EXCITED! I couldn't believe they came to Chattanooga! I love them!


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