May Grocery Shopping

I am excited to share my shopping trip from this morning. I explored a new to me store - Save A Lot. I may have been in one before but I do not remember it at all.

I read yesterday that Save A Lot had eggs .99/dozen this week. I definitely had to go. I have farm fresh eggs in the fridge right now but I do not like to use them in baking since they are more expensive. I like to make scrambled eggs, fried eggs or whatever with them and bake with store bought eggs.

I also stopped by Bi-Lo to pick up some Tyson Ready Made Chicken and Steak packs - Nathan's Grandmommy loves these. She loves anything easy. :D


Save A Lot: 

4 dozen eggs .99 each
1 pack marshmallows .50 (reduced price)
Bananas .59/lb

Total Spent: $5.79 plus tax

Total Saved: $3.66


5 Tyson Strips 1.74 each
Paprika 1.59

Used (5) Tyson coupons .55/1 (doubled)

Total Spent: $4.79 plus tax

Total Saved: $14.25 or 75%

This past Sunday, I picked up a few things from Aldi and the farmer's market. I have spent a total of $24.37 so far this month. We are trying to keep everything to a minimum because we will be going to the beach at the end of this month and to Pa in June.

I have not been blogging as much as I want to because I am trying to take a look at our life. Our spending. Our saving. Our family. ect. Plus I have been picking up extra babysitting jobs.

I want to use all our resources wisely. :D And save as much as we can.

This weekend, I am hoping to have a yard sale. I will let you know how it goes. I have lots of stuff.

Any good deals for you this week? How is your spending going?

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