Monday Meal Planning

I am back. I am back to posting our weekly menu plan on Mondays. I have been working on planning out our meals more because this month I am trying to stay out of the stores. We are going on vacation this month so I would like to save money and eat from what we already have. 

I have been to the grocery store last week but did not spend too much. I know that I will need milk by the end of the week but that is not a huge expense. I am hoping to spend no more than $100 the entire month. So far, I have spent about $35 - I think this is really great especially since $10 was for our part of the Mother's Day meal...I made two desserts from scratch (recipes coming later.) 

I tried to sit down with the girls tonight and get some ideas from them for dinners...they were helpful a little. :D I am happy with what we came up with. 


cold cereal
fruit smoothies or protein shakes
eggs and toast


pb and honey sandwiches
veggie burgers
chips, dessert, fresh fruit or veggies


tortilla pizzas
breakfast for dinner (eggs, sausage and homemade biscuits)
leftover pork chops, rice and green beans
ham and cheese fritta 
spaghetti pie, garlic toast and green beans 

I am ready to take on the rest of this month. I am ready to see bare cabinets especially before our vacation. We will be making our meals while on vacation but it will be split up. I cannot wait to cook meals with our family....on the beach! 

What are you having this week? Any new recipes? 

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