Pantry challenge week two

Our vacation is coming very soon. Four days. So exciting!

This also means keeping up with the pantry challenge.

Tonight was a success. I made homemade blueberry pancakes. I had everything on hand. So simple. Plus today we had lunch at Mom and Dad's house. It was delicious.

Burgers. Hot Dogs. Deviled eggs. Baked beans. Cabbage salad. Watermelon. Ice cream. Sweet tea.

Classic food. Great company.

Patriotic Superheros! 

I will say that this weekend we got off track of eat only at home. Life has been crazy. My car window is not going up - nathan plus some friends have been trying to fix the problem for days. Part is coming this week. Then nathan's car was starting to act up so we are in the process of getting a new one...more on that later.

We ate subway, little Caesars, lunch with friends - girls and I split one meal to save money. Plus we took harper out for breakfast and dinner for her birthday.

Hopefully, we will not eat out this week. I should be able to cook for four days. ;) I can do this.

have you tried a pantry challenge?  How did it go? How long were you able to last?


  1. i have never done a pantry challenge before, I plan to do one though starting today through June 20th because then myself and my kids are going on a last minute trip to North Caroline to meet some friends. If i go to the store it will be just to purchase wic foods because we do participate in the program and i want to the items we are able to get.

    1. Good luck, MJ! I loved not having to buy much at the stor the last couple weeks before vacation. :) let me know how it goes!


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