Happy Birthday, Harper! Turning 2 years old!

I cannot believe Harper is two years old! She is such a wonderful little girl. Vey independent. Spunky. Loves to cuddle. Loves to play ball. Loves to tell on her sister for doing things she actually hasn't done. 

She can speak in full sentences. Is almost ready to be potty trained. Loves to laugh and be with friends. 

She is my sweet precious girl. 

I love her so much! 

The birthday girl requested juice and to sit in her daddy's chair this morning. 

Breakfast time - just Harper and I. So fun! 

Waiting for our food. 

Giant pancake for the birthday girl! 

Toys R Us time with sister. Fun times. Stressful as well. haha 

Lunch! She just wanted cheese, chips and tea! 

Dinner Date with Daddy! 


  1. What a sweet day you planned. Love that she had a dinner date with daddy :) That is just too cute.

    1. Thank you, Theresa! My husband is such a wonderful dad. His wish is to take each child out on their birthday - daddy/daughter date. It is so special. I get them a new dress and he takes them for dinner and dessert. Plus usually gets them a special gift. I love that man!

    2. Your children will have wonderful memories of childhood.

  2. I love the daddy-daughter date idea. What a blessing for your sweet babies to grow up with wonderful birthday memories!


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