I have been on vacation...

The girls and I left last Monday to head to my home town. We were going to leave yesterday but my wonderful hubby let us stay longer - my brother and his girlfriend came up from school. Plus my sister and her boyfriend have leave from the military right now. It has been great.

We have gotten to hangout with everyone in our family. It has been so wonderful. I will post pictures later. I have a lot. :)

Things we have done:

- beach day (plus another one today)
- pool day
- birthday celebrations (Hailey and cousin Abby)
- dinner with family
- I learned nana's meatloaf recipe
- shopping day
- dinner with aunt Lisa
- crafty projects
- yard sales
- hanging out
- basketball

More will continue today. Beach day and movie night with aunt Lisa.

I miss home and my husband but I am truly thankful for my time with my family.

How have you all been?


  1. I have been missing you..glad you are back. Always good to get a way.

    1. I have been missing you too! I realize that i have not written in a long time again. Life is crazy busy right now. Hoping to share some posts this week.

    2. Life has been super busy here also....look forward to some slow days at the farmhouse.


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