Getting Our House Ready To Sell...

Some big changes have been taking place in the Rankin household! We have been so busy with all the new things going on that I have had to put my lovely little blog on the back burner. I realized tonight that I really needed to post something! I have been missing writing a lot lately.

What are the big changes? well....

I am working again for the time being. Serving at Southern Star (Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri nights.)

Teaching at Woodland Park Baptist Church MDO (Tues and Thurs days - 1 yr old class.)

Wednesday night teaching 3-5 yr olds at Calvary Chapel (our church.)

Hailey goes to school every day. 9-2 M, T, T and F. 9-12 W

We still visit grandmommy every Wednesday after Bible study and school.

Biggest thing: WE ARE SELLING OUR HOUSE!!!

It was a spur of the moment thing...well we have been talking a lot about it but really wanted to get a jump start on school for next year for Hailey. She is currently at Silverdale Baptist Academy for Pre-K but we would love for her to be in a public school.

I have 8 days as of tomorrow to finish everything around the house and boy is the to do list long! I have been painting, packing, cleaning, painting and more painting. haha

updated mailbox

painted kitchen from green to revere pewter

front before we cut the trees down 

after - trees are gone! 

the front as of today - we put pavers down...now for flowers!

update on the main bathroom 

There is much more progress but as of right now all I see is what we still need to do. I am trying to not get overwhelmed. I know I can get it done. I just need to get through this week! 

How is everything going for you?! 


  1. wow those are big changes. I hope you find just what you are looking for!

  2. I'm excited to see another update soon :)

    1. Thank you! Life has been so incredibly busy. I will be posting very soon!!


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