Nathan and I just celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Can you believe it? Here are some pictures of our celebration. The first one is a picture of the top of our cake. It was pretty interesting looking when we pulled it out after being in the freezer for a year. Nathan kept trying to eat it before hand but I would not let him.

Next, we have the wonderful romantic dinner that I picked up to have. It was great. I had a coupon for Moe's so that is how I chose. It was really good. Can't go wrong with burritos!

Here is a picture of the happy couple! We look pretty good for being married for a year. lol

Anyways, this past year has taught me so much. How not to be selfish, how to love everything about Nathan (even his little annoying things that he does), how to grow together in Christ, how to cook and clean on a regular basis, and how to have fun with one another. Of course, we have had some small disagreements, but the Lord helped us through them. Knowing what God says in His Word about marriage and how to teach one another is always on our minds. God puts the little hints in our minds when we need them. Praise be to God! I love Nathan now more than ever and I know that my love for him will only continue to grow. It is so amazing how God blessed the faithful. And I am glad to be one of the faithful.

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  1. Aww! I am so glad you guys are doing so well! I love you! I am also glad you got to celebrate your one year anniversary by going to Florida! That's so much fun!!!


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