My mom

i am tired. It is really hard for me to realize that my mom is gone. I know that last Sunday we had her viewing and on Monday was the day we laid my mother's body in the ground. My heart is broken. God is the only one holding it together. I have cried many nights and even in the day time. But people make me feel bad when I don't cry when I am talking about what happened. It is shocking to me still. I cry when I realize how real it is. I miss her. I want her back but, I do have comfort in the fact that I know my mother is with the Lord. She was a believer and she shared it with others. it is hard and wonderful to hear all that my mother did in the lives of others. she was a great woman, no matter what problems we had. we always loved each other. she was always there for me no matter what.

My mother, Peggy Lee, was 42 years old. She died on June 30th. That is the day she went with God. She was a correctionals officer. Her coworkers were greatly impacted by her life. They all came to the viewing and on Tuesday, July 14 had a memorial service for her at work. I wish I could have been there.

I am going back to Erie on July 24 and staying until August 2. During my time there I will be first enjoying my family reunion. Then starting on Monday I will begin the process of getting my mother's estate in order. Hopefully, everything will be able to get settled when I am there. There could be some issues but I am praying for there be minor ones it not none at all. Please pray. I am the executive of the estate. I am in charge of getting everything in order. I am glad though. I want to do this.

I will keep you updated with everything. Thanks for reading.

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