Rite Aid and Publix Deals Today...

Hey friends and deal finders! Today, Hailey and I went out to do a little deal hunting. Here is what I found.

Rite Aid Trip
I only went in for the toilet paper (raincheck) and colgate but realized I had coupons for the stayfree pads.

Total OOP: $1.62 
Got back $2.00 up+rewards
$0.38 PROFIT!!!

Publix Trip
 Total OOP: $11.71
$1.65 for 1.57 lb of drumsticks
$0.75 for 2 A1 sauces
$7.49 for Good Start (thought it would be $3 cheaper but I read the wrong sign)
$1.00 for 2 Zatarains boxes
FREE for 2 French's Mustards

$10.89 plus tax

Not too shabby! We are trying the Good Start formula so I will have to let you know how it works for Hailey.

Please share your deals! I would love to hear about them.

Thanks for reading. May the Lord bless you in your savings!

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