a very EVENTFUL trip to Rite Aid

I just got done writing to Rite Aid about my recent shopping trip. I do not normally write a company and complain about something, but today was a different story. I went to buy Similac Formula and to see if I could find any good deals left. Here is what I purchased:

Total Cost After coupons and up+rewards: $7.43!!

In the first transaction, I bought the 2 Zantac's, 1 Advil and 1 Similac Formula. I used (2) $5 off Zantac coupons, (1) FREE Advil 24 ct. coupon, (1) $3 off Similac coupon and then a $5 check sent from Similac. This was when the problems started happening! I have had problems with the checks before at Rite Aid but only because the cashier does not know how to properly slide it through the check reader. I was trying to help her out by telling her to slide it in again but since the computer was telling her to type in the check number she kept on doing that. Of course, this was not working. I told her again to flip the check around and slide it through the check reader...she did and it worked! This took about 15 minutes. But she did not type in the check was for only $5 so it paid for the entire order which was $16.34 (it did not show the $5 check though). I told them I had not paid them for what I bought. She then proceeded to do a return on the items but when she did that it came to $1.92. haha So, the other cashier told her to type in what I had to pay which was $11.34 (they didn't make me pay tax though) I used a $2 up+reward and a gift card that had $3.43 on it. O.O.P. was $5.91 and it printed out $4 up+rewards! I then purchased the second Similac formula and used $3 off coupon, $5 check, and $4 up+rewards from the previous order. O.O.P was only $1.52!

It was still a great sucess but a lot of hassle. If I did not have any coupons the order would have cost me about $51.20 plus tax! So I saved $43.76 or a 85% savings

When I wrote to Rite Aid I did not ask for any money but a little more training for the cashiers on how to handle the Similac checks. We will see what they say.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my story and that it never happens to you! Share you crazy shopping trip stories if you would like!

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