Lazy Sunday

Hey everyone! I hope this weekend has been relaxing for you. Ours had been filled with teething and an ear infection but we still managed to get a great deal of things done. Special thanks to Nathan's parents for taking care of Hailey yesterday while we went grocery shopping, to the recycle center and the eye doctor. And today, Hailey and I went to Rite Aid and Earth Fare.

We are now set for the next few weeks! First stop was Aldi, where I get our main groceries. Total spent $34. Next we went to Walmart. I don't really like shopping here because I have realized that thier prices are higher than I thought. Unfortunetly, most of the drug stores do not have the kind of formula we use so we go to Walmart (best deal with our coupons). Total spent $59. Not too bad for what we got though. I stocked up on chicken too. :D

Then today, I found great deals at Rite Aid and Earth Fare. Rite Aid was up first; 2 colgate toothpastes, 2 dove deodorants, 2 huggies wipes, and 1 allergy medicene. Paid $5.63 OOP and got $3 up+rewards. All I paid for was the medicene. Everything else was FREE! Not too bad in my book. A side note: my Aunt Margaret is SOOO much better at couponing than me. I must teach well. :D And now my Nana and Aunt Roxanne are into couponing! Simplifying Life while saving money!

Lastly was Earth Fare! I signed up for the Welcome Home - they then give you a coupon for a FREE DINNER. This included a Whole Fryer Chicken (3 lbs.), bag of organic baby carrots, and 1 lb mashed potatoes (made in store). In order to get this deal, you had to spend $10. This may seem easy for people that normally shop there but for me it was a little difficult. I felt like I was there FOREVER! Haha! Here is what I got: 1 lb short grain rice, 1/2 lb pecan granola, 1/2 lb granola with nuts, 1 can fire roasted crushed tomatoes, 3 packs of organic fussila pasta. Total cost: $10 plus tax! It would have cost me almost $30 for all of that! I would call that a great deal!

Grand Total Spent: $109.54  Everything I got will last us for the rest of the month if not more. This makes me so happy because we have budgeted $200 for each month.

If you want to share your grocery shopping deals or have questions for me. Leave a comment below!

Thanks to everyone who reads my blog!

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