Shopping for the Deals!

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather that we are having! I know I am. Yesterday, was a day filled with cleaning and getting the house in order so that today I could go and get my deal shopping done!

Rite Aid had a bunch of things I wanted to get and as usual most of it was gone. Instead, I got a bunch of rain checks...which is okay with me! Anyways, here is what I got.

Not very much but this is what they had! Total spent was $3.54 and I recieved $4.00 in up+rewards! Not too bad if you ask me. A profit of $0.46!

My new best friend at Rite Aid is the Rain Check! haha I got them for the following: Oreos, Carefree Liners, Destin Cream, and Right Guard Body Wash. I would have also gotten one for the new Dial Lotion but there is not a store in Chattanooga that has or will have it! Lame. I was excited about trying it out!

Anyways, with the rain checks the up+rewards are applyed to your bill when you go to use them. I like this because it helps my OOP expense to be lower. Here will be my shopping trip senerio:

Right Guard: $3.99 x 2 = $7.98 minus $6.00 up+rewards ($2.00 more off if I can find the coupons seen on the bottles)
Oreos: $3.00 x 2 = $6.00 minus $1.00 up+reward, $1/2 Rite Aid coupon, $1/2 man. coupon and i should get back $2 up+rewards after purchasing for the food promo
Carefree: $0.99 x 2 = $1.98 minus $1.00 coupon x 2
Destin Cream: $2.99 x 3 = $8.97 minus $6.00 up+rewards and $3/3 coupon

Total OOP: $2.93
Get back $2.00

Plus I already have $4.00 in up+rewards to start with! AMAZING!

Let  me know about your trips!

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