Shopping Trip over the weekend

Sorry friends...no pictures for this shopping trip. We were on a time crunch this weekend.

I did my main grocery shopping at Publix this past week...I spent $37.87 and saved $42.74. Not my best shopping trip but good for me. We had to get milk, coffee and lunch meat (that cost $15.79 right there). 

On to Aldi for a few other items that are too expensive at Publix. Aldi's trip was $13.47. 

Total Spent: $51.34

I will not be going grocery shopping for the next two weeks. If we run out of something I am still not going. Our refrigerator is packed to the seams with all the great deals I got this week. Now to eat it all down. I will go to get items that are free or as close to that as possible. There are great deals this week at Publix on frozen veggies, rice, pasta and sauce. We will see. 

On Sunday, Nathan attended a class all day so Hailey and I went to Rite Aid. I was going in for Motrin PM, Little Remedies, Chloro-septic Spray, Right Guard Body Wash (rain check), Reese's Cups, cough drops and paper plates. I had all my coupons ready to go, Hailey was in the shopping cart so we headed down the isles. To my surprise there was no sale on Motrin PM, Little Remedies or Chloro-septic Spray! Apparently, all the Rite Aid's in Chattanooga are now Value stores...so no regional deals! What?! Craziness! 

So, I bought 3 sm pks of plates, 1 bag halls cough drops, and 2 Reese's Dark Chocolate Cups. OOP - $1.00 

Next Rite Aid, Right Guard Body Wash (2)  OOP - $0.16!!!!! I found the $1.00 off coupons on the bottles! Not to bad after all. 

Total OOP: - $1.16 

I am hoping that Rite Aid will change back from these Value Stores or I may have to have my aunt get me all the good deals in Erie and save them for me. 

Pray that formula goes on sale this week. We will be needing some!

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