Quick Walgreens Trip

Today was a very busy day. Hailey and I woke up to take Nathan to work (since we share a car), took the car to Walmart for an oil change and a few deals. Sorry no picture. Bought 2 packets of divider tabs, 1 packet of photo holder (to hold coupons), 1 airwick warmer unit, and 1 Iron Man 2 toy. Total spent was $6.30 ---the toy was $0.50 and the airwick warmer was -$0.03!!!

After the trip to Walmart Hailey and I headed to Walgreens. I paid a total of $0.29!!!! for the entire order. 3 Scotch Magic Tapes and 2 Chocolate Covered Peeps! According to the store coupon picture I was suppose to be able to get the NEW colored tapes but of course it would not let me. Oh well. I am still glad to get that deal! haha I really needed some tape.

Of course we had more errands to run. We deposited money at the bank then came home to get a snack, take out Ty and receive homemade baby gifts for a friend of ours. Next we met my mother in law for lunch but first we had to make our way through the church to show off little Miss Hailey. Mrs. Joy took us to Chick-fil-a...so awesome! I loved it but of course it was my choice. After that we picked up a gas cap for the car and headed to Hailey's Eye Specialists Appointment. We learned that she will have to wear glasses when she grows up but her eyes are great other than that.

There was lots of things to do today. I do not normally have this much errands to run because I am babysitting at home. I don't know if I really liked it. haha

Can't wait for tomorrow a nice relaxing busy day. haha Hopefully not too busy but we have a bunch of things to get done.

What are your plans? Did you get any good deals this week? Let me know!

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