Great Trip at the Discount Bakery!!!

Today Hailey and I wanted to get out of the house so we took Nathan to work this morning. We ran a ton of errands! Nathan had to get an emission test completed, new tags, stamps for mail to be sent out and go to the bank. Of course since I had the car I completed these things. And I am very glad that I did. Because: 1. Nathan could get more work done since he missed a week of work and 2. Hailey and I got to stop by the Discount Bakery on Bonny Oaks after we got the renewed tags for the car!!!! I was so excited because they were having a few manager specials. 

Sorry no picture but here is a list of what I got! 

- 4 Nature's Own English Muffins ($4)
- 1 Nature's Own Double Fiber ($1.25)
- 1 Nature's Own Honey Wheat ($1.25)
- 1 Nature's Own Multi-grain ($0.99)
- 2 Nature's Own Bagels ($2.50)
- 2 Boxes Honey Buns ($1.98)
- 1 Box Nutty Bars ($0.99)
- 1 Box Donut Sticks ($0.99)
- 1 Nature's Own Hamburger Buns ($0.99)
Total Spent: $15.78 
Plus 2 English Muffins and 1 Multi-grain bread were for my mother in law! I was glad I called her because she also needed some bread! :-D 

So in all I spent about $12.00 on bagels, bread, english muffins, and some snacks! I was very happy because now we are stocked up for a few weeks! Nathan eats sandwiches for lunch everyday and I wanted to have something other than cereal for breakfast. 

Do you have a Discount Bakery near you? Check out the one on Bonny Oaks if you live in Chattanooga, Tn! I will definitely be going back here when our pantry/freezer is low on bread! 

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