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Remember the five pound ham I got at Aldi for $4.98? Well it was actually a 6.70 pound ham! So an even better deal than I thought! That is about $0.74 per pound!

Anyways, I was looking up different recipes to make with the extra ham. All of the ham is pulled off the bone and in a container which makes it easy to get to. I started to just google/swagbucks search for different recipe ideas for quiche. We have Quiche Lorraine at work served with salad so I thought I would try this out. I was looking on http://www.5dollardinners.com/ and decided to type in quiche in the search bar. Of course, I found a great recipe for Quiche Biscuit Cups.

Follow this link to get the yummy recipe! Quiche Biscuit Cups Thanks to Erin Chase for blogging about this recipe and Duffy (for sharing the recipe with Erin)!

I ended up cutting the recipe in half (Nathan's idea) because it was just him and I eating. I do not think we could have eaten 24 muffins in the next few days. I thought about freezing 12 and eating 12 (split between the both of us over a few days) but our freezer is jam packed!

I used ham, shredded cheddar cheese, and mushrooms (in Nathan's). Both the cheese and mushrooms came from Aldi as well. I served the Quiche Biscuit Cups with a side salad that was topped with cheese, carrots and some ham! haha Can you tell I am trying to use up this ham?

Here is a picture of the end product:

So yummy! Nathan ate three Wednesday night and three last night. He liked them but said there was too much biscuit on the bottom. I still have 3 of mine for breakfast on Saturday!

I still have a lot of ham left. Any ideas on what I should make next?

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