A week of ups and downs and some couponing!

Last week was a very crazy week! Nathan was out of town on business, 5 storms came trough Chattanooga (major damage in some areas), Hailey got strep throat with a temp between 101 to 104, and I put in my notice at my job as a waitress. Amongst all the craziness, God has given us so many blessings. Our house did have power for all but 3 hours, Nathan came home on Friday evening...Hailey didn't spike a fever until 8 pm so he was home, and I already have prospects for babysitting. Thank you Lord. 

Please continue to pray for the people that have been effected by the storms this past week. Some lost their homes, family members, friends and/ or still do not have any power. My heart goes out to them. 

In the craziness of the weekend, I was able to go out to Walgreens. My main goal was to get Nathan's prescription filled and to purchase some milk. The picture above is what I purchased at Walgreens. There is no milk in the picture because I had to run to Rite Aid for that. I could not pay $4.99 for milk!!! I also had $2 up reward at Rite Aid so I paid $1.44 for a gallon of milk! I was so excited. 

Anyways, I split the above things into 2 transactions. I did not want to do anymore because there were a good amount of people in the store. I first bought 3 papers, 1 pk noxzema razors, 1 pk Tylenol Precise and 1 pk flossers. Total spent: $8.27.  Got back $5 in Registry Rewards! Next, I bought 1 paper, 2 pks Cottonelle Toilet Paper, and 1 Reese's. Total Spent: $4.46.  Got back $3 in Register Rewards! 

Total OOP: $12.73
Total Register Rewards Back: $8
It is like getting everything for $9.73 or $0.97 each since I have $3 left to spend on my next purchase! Not too bad! 

I will probably go back and get some more deals on things that are on sale this week. How did you all do? Let me know! 

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