An apology...

So friends...I am have to apologize to you. I did not remember to take a picture of my hot dog from Jess' Lunch. I did not take one though because it was not really worth it. I split a hot dog with Nathan...he got one plain so I could add ketchup. He did not know that I like mustard. Also, I was under the impression that you could get any topping you would like but they only put chili, raw onions (ewww), ketchup and mustard. Not really what we were thinking so Nathan went with plain and then we could add ketchup if wanted. 

He did bring me a GREAT burger and I was so hungry I did not take a picture of that either! haha Nathan got me one with lettuce, ketchup and mustard. Bo and he accidentally got their burgers mixed up...funny thing about this is -- Bo was SO hungry he didn't realize his did not have any cheese until he was 3/4 done. And Nathan does like american cheese and he didn't say anything! 

I like cheese on my burger but after Nathan let me have some of his with cheese I decided that I did not like it as much. It took away the flavor of the burger. 

Tonight we will be going to Klein's who sell ice cream. They have also been featured in Southern Living. I WILL take a picture for you all to see! I promise! 

Have you gone to any yummy restaurants that travelers go to? 

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