Hello From Virginia

I am sitting at the kitchen table drinking some coffee and looking outside at the amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains! (I will have to make sure that that is the mountains I am looking at but I am pretty sure that is what Grandpa Bill told me.) 

Nathan, Hailey and I have been staying up at Mommom and Grandpa Bill's condo in Sunnyside Retirement Home for the past couple of days. We will be leaving tomorrow to head to Historical Williamsburg, Busch Gardens and Virginia Beach. We have had such a fun time so far!

Yesterday we attended church and had a yummy lunch. After that we went to a small family reunion and we all met family members that we haven't before. Especially me but Nathan told me most of the people he was meeting for the first time in the 28 years of his life. It was fun though...of course I like meeting new people and finding out about their life. 

We have also got to see aunts, uncles and cousins. That is my favorite part of the trip! We always have lots of fun; talking and laughing (a lot)! It is like we see each other almost everyday...we just pick up where we ended last! 

Today we are having lunch with Nathan's Aunt Ann. I am so excited about this because I have never met her before. She has given all of us a good amount of dishes and even hutches! Nathan and I use the dishes she has given us everyday! It will be nice to be able to meet her face to face and thank her. 

Today we may be going to a place called Jess's Lunch in Harrisonburg, Virginia for hot dogs! They have been featured in Southern Living and are very well know by the people who visit here. I have read some mixed reviews but I LOVE HOT DOGS! Seriously! Nathan said this morning that he has never met a person who loves hot dogs more than me. They serve all beef hot dogs with anything you could possible think of to top it off with! I am excited. I will get a picture and post on here later tonight! 

I hope all is going well in the coupon world...I had a friend of mine purchase me 6 newspapers at home so I wouldn't miss out. We do not really have room in the car for much extras so I decided to ask my friend Jess and tell her I would cook for her! Next weekend I will be doing the same thing for her. 

Also, here are some beautiful pictures of Hailey! These will be her 1 year pictures! Nathan is an awesome photographer! I am so proud! Take a look! 

Of course, I think she is the most beautiful baby EVER! 

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