Packed and Ready To Go

Nathan, Hailey and I will be joining Mr. John, Mrs. Joy, Sarah, Bo, Bekah and David for a FAMILY VACATION! 

We will be waking up at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning to get ready and head over to Nathan's parents to head to Virginia for the week! I am so HAPPY and EXCITED! We have a fun week planned...Busch Gardens, Virginia Beach, Amish Farmer's Market (tomorrow), and lots of visiting with family! 

I will try to post on here when I can. I will not be doing any deal hunting...well maybe. haha 

I did want to share my next goal with you all for our grocery/toiletries budget. This month, Nathan and I were successful in our goal of not going out to eat...except for yesterday and today for birthdays! Even tonight for dinner...Nathan was able to get his meal for FREE! Gotta love it! 

Anyways, my goal is to keep our budget under $100 - $125 (max) for the month. I feel like we have our necessities stocked up so this should be easy to accomplish. I did calculate out how much milk our little girl drinks in a month and the cost is between $34.68 and $46.24! This is if she drinks 3 to 4 gallons of milk a week...she is a BIG eater/drinker! Right now she drinks about 1 gallon in 2.5 days sometimes shorter. I am hoping we can keep it around 2 1/2 gallons a week which would bring the cost to around $30. I sure do like this number. This week she will have had 3 gallons. 

We shall see how this goes. If you have any tips for me...please share them. Meals, great deals on fruit or veggies, anything at all! 

Speaking of fruit and veggies...I will be using a voucher I purchased from MooLaLa.com for $75 worth of veggies and fruits for $19! This will be shipped directly to our house! I am so excited to see what we will get. I hope there are some new veggies that we are not use to. I am in the mood to learn to cook different foods for Nathan and Hailey! 

I will share with you on what I receive and I hope you can help me with some recipe ideas! 

Thanks friends and family for reading! I love you all! Have a great week! 

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