Great Price Matching Ideas

I have read so much about Walmart's Price Matching Policy recently and it seems like it working pretty well for people. I know that there have been some issues with cashiers but you can always print out the policy and show them or ask to speak with a manager. 

I did have issues the last time I went shopping for a few items for Nathan's birthday cookout last weekend. I asked if I could use my Target Store coupons on the NYC products...our Target doesn't even care this brand. They told me I could...I was so excited especially since they would make the eyeliners FREE! Can't beat that! I thought I could use the Walgreens RR also but I was told by a manager no. I was not upset with the fact that I couldn't use the coupon even though it was a manufacturer's coupon. I did not understand his reasoning. He told me because it said "Redeem at Walgreens" I could not use it. I said okay.

When I was leaving I heard this particular manager talking about me. I first wished my husband had been there and when I got home I wrote them an email. The store manager did call me to tell me that he was sorry and that they do except Walgreens RR as a price match. I don't know if that meant I could use the actual printed RR but it did mean I could price match the ad price after RR! I was so excited about this! I will definitely be trying this out next week when I get home from vacation.

Here are a few GREAT PRICE MATCHING IDEAS from the Aldi ad: 

- .25 each plums
- .25 each nectarines
- .25 each peaches
- .99 (16 oz) strawberries
- .99 cantaloupes 

(Prices will vary by region/area so make sure to check out the weekly ad available on aldi.com.) 

Let me know if you have found any great deals to match?! 

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