Hailey Morgan Rankin Turns ONE!

Our sweet girl turned one today! I can't believe it! We are truly blessed with such a joyful, smart and beautiful girl. I know you are probably thinking that I am just saying those things because she is my daughter but they are TRUE! 100%!!!! 

Hailey and I woke up early for breakfast (blueberries and cheerios) and of course I had to make some coffee! We all got ready and took Nathan to work. Hailey and I had her Kindermusik class at 9:30...I just have to say how much I really enjoy this class. Hailey and the other kids are having some much fun...while learning and spending time with their mommies! 

After class we headed over to Woodland Park Baptist Church to visit Mrs. Joy! Hailey so wanted to see her Mimi and was so excited when I opened the car door to get her out. She had seen the church and practically jumped out of her seat with excitement! It was TOO sweet! 

Sarah met us at church and Hailey opened a few gifts (from Aunt Sarah and Uncle Bo)...sarah couldn't wait. hehe Hailey loved everything she received...a bathing suit, a swimming float-y seat,    flip flops (pink and orange), and 3 outfits. Everything was too cute. We even got to use the float seat today at the swimming pool. It was a fun time! 

Grandmommy has been so gracious to us. She has given Sarah, Hailey and I passes to the swimming pool in her neighborhood. It is a nice, small pool. Nice and relaxing! Hailey loves to go over and see her Grammy too! 

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