Target and CVS Shopping Trips 6/22

Today I headed out to Target to try on a bathing suit that Nathan and I found the other day. I had a $5 off coupon that I printed off target.com...this didn't help too much but every little bit counts. As you will see, I spent a little less than the cost of the bathing suit but I was able to purchase more than just the bathing suit! Take a look: 

I bought the bathing suit (it is green with white polka dots and black bottoms), 4 pks Q-tips, and 6 trial size deodorants (2 mens and 4 womens). 

Total Spent: $41.51 
Total Saved: $16.00 

This was done in 2 transactions. The first one was the Q-tips and 5 trial size deodorants. I spent $8.29 on this one but received a $5 gift card for purchasing 4 Q-tips. I used that to help pay for the bathing suit which was $33.22. Not too bad. 

I did break the computer with my check card but after 20 minutes we figured out my order. 

We will be going out of town for vacation on Saturday for a week so I needed to have a new suit! The one I was wearing before I had little Miss Hailey does not fit quite as well anymore. Also, as of last week Sarah and I are taking Hailey swimming every Thursday! She loves the water. 

After Target, Hailey and I headed over to CVS for diapers! I had 3 transactions written out but of course they did not have everything I wanted. I will be going back because I forgot to get rain checks. 

I took a few minutes to get my thoughts together on how I was going to work my deals. Here is how I worked them out: 

Transaction #1: 

- 2 Colgate Totals - 5.58 - 2.00 = 3.58
- 1 Power Bar Bites - 2.49 - 1.00 = 1.49

Total OOP: $5.78
Received $6.49 ECB

Transaction #2:

- 2 CVS Baby Wipes (72 ct x 2 on each pack!!!!) = 5.00
- 1 Pamper Cruiser Box (76 ct) = 20 - 2.00 = 18.00

Used $6.49 ECB 

Total OOP: $18.82
Received $10.00 ECB

Transaction #3:

- 5 packs diet coke = 13.00

Used $10.00 ECB

Total OOP: $3.23

Grand Total Spent: $27.83

I was happy with this because I got almost everything on my list and still kept my OOP low. I need to stock up on more diapers...praying for more great sales! I normally only like to pay $3 or so for a jumbo pack of diapers but we are leaving Saturday so diapers were needed! 

How have you done this week? Any great deals? 


  1. Wow! Look at all that you got for your $27! That's great!

    I didn't get an emailed coupon this week. Bummer.

    Hopefully next week's sales will be good, too!

  2. Great Job on your shopping trips!!

    Lucky for you an envelope is on its way that includes some diaper/baby coupons to help you stock up!! :-)

  3. Traci...I did not receive an emailed coupon either...that would have been awesome! I didn't even have ECB to start with.

    Samantha...thank you for the coupons! I am super excited! I may go back tonight to get some more wipes and diapers! I may have to get a raincheck but that is okay with me!


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