Fun Visit Yesterday!

Yesterday we had a wonderful afternoon/evening with Papa! He got a load into Chattanooga...which is always awesome. Nana was unfortunately unable to come since she has been sick but she needs to get back for her mission trip to Haiti in a couple of weeks!

We are so proud of her for going. I am excited to see all the things the Lord will show her and teach her. She will be such a great help to the people there. 

Hailey, Eden and I drove over to the truck stop yesterday around 1:00 pm to pick up Papa. He was able to stay until around 9:00 pm and Nathan, Hailey and I took him back to his truck. We got to have lunch and dinner plus dessert! Hailey had so much fun with Papa. She even woke him up from his nap. Here are three pictures I took of them together. 

Hailey and Papa

Hailey leaning in to kiss Papa but she wanted to look at the camera! 

Hailey clapping for herself...she took great pictures! haha
We had such a fun time even though it was a short one. It is okay though because we will be traveling up there for a week next month. So excited! The end of July we always have our family reunion...last year we were unable to attend but we will be this year! Now my extended family will be able to see her for the first time. I am also excited for Hailey to be able to play with all of her cousins. 

What are you all doing for vacation this summer? 

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