Walgreens Trip: Using Up Expiring RR

My goal today was to try and roll my Registry Rewards that were expiring soon. I had a plan printed out but it of course did not work. I had to get a rain check for one item but it was okay. 

Anyways, I used a $1.50 RR earlier for a box of Just for Men and a bag of York Peppermint Patties for Mr. John for father's day! Total OOP: $6.32 or something like that...I saved more than I spent. I am still happy with that. 

Later this evening...Nathan and I stopped at another Walgreens to see if I would have better luck there. I did not find anything on my list but I came up with a nice way to use up my RR. 

I found 7 (12 loads) Wisks for .99 each! Plus they had $1.50 coupons on them...well on 6 of them. I will use these so it was a nice moneymaker! I also purchased 2 (8 ct) Reese Cups for .99 each and 1 Ban Deodorant on sale for 1.99 with a .75 coupon! 

Total OOP: $1.16 plus $9.00 in Wisk coupons!!!!! Not too bad! 

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